Portillo is unique because there is no town and there is only one hotel: the grand Hotel Portillo, which has 123 rooms. In this respect, the Portillo skiing and resort experience is unlike that of other commercial ski resorts.Portillo rooms are cozy and warm, and feature simple decoration. We offer a variety of rooms, including doubles, family apartments and suites, with a view of the valley or the lake. While the mountain view from the valley side is beautiful, the lake view is especially spectacular and is worth the slightly higher price.

Hotel Portillo
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Getting There

Hotel Portillo is located about 100 miles from the Santiago International Airport. There are daily direct flights to Santiago from cities in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. There are also flights to Santiago from several other cities in the world with only one connection. Airport and ground transfers are available upon request from Portillo. We recommend that you arrange a transfer service in either a van or a private car when you make your reservation. Ground transfers are not included in our rates. Please let us know if you need ground transportation by Phone or send us an e-mail to info@goskichile.com . We send you information and recommend making your transfer arrangements at the time of making your hotel booking.

If traveling to Portillo in your own vehicle, follow these directions: From Santiago, follow Américo Vespucio towards the north. This will take you down “La Piramide” and past the Cuidad Empresarial. Exit to the “Los Libertadores” highway (just after the entrance to the Mall Plaza Norte). Follow the highway towards the city of Los Andes. At Los Andes, turn right and follow the international route to the east through the mountains towards the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Portillo is approximately 5 km from the Chile / Argentina border. We recommend you obtain chains for your vehicle in the case that they become necessary. At the Guardia Vieja road check you may be asked by Carabineros de Chile(police) if you have them.

Hotel Activities

Guests often comment on Hotel Portillo, and it wouldn’t surprise most to hear people call it “rustic” or “old-school” or even “quirky.”  But what most guests don’t expect – and what they all tend to comment on after they arrive – is how big the hotel is.  The entire lower level of the hotel is dedicated to the extras that we work hard to provide in Portillo

On this level you’ll find, among others: the fitness room, the yoga room, the disco, the free boot and ski check, the game room and climbing wall, and the full court gymnasium.  Everything is contained within the big, yellow hotel and whether young or old, everyone who takes a walk around finds something to do.

What better way to unwind after a long day on the mountain than watching the Andean sunset from the warmth of our heated outdoor pool or hot-tub?  We also offer aqua-fitness classes in the evening and Watsu (aquatic therapy) sessions throughout the day.

Hotel Portillo - Rooms


Our double rooms have two twin beds or one queen bed and a full bathroom.  Double lake rooms overlook the beautiful Laguna del Inca and double valley rooms have a view of the mountains and valley below Portillo.


Double rooms on our 6th floor all have views of the Laguna del Inca and have balconies as well.  The view and extra balcony space make these rooms some of our most popular.  Note: as our elevator only reaches the 5th floor, the stairs must be used to reach the 6th floor from there.


Our suites are located on the 2nd and 6th floors and all have views of the Laguna del Inca.  Each suite features a bedroom with a queen bed, dressing area, living room and balcony.  Windows are larger than those in double rooms, which offer an even more panoramic view of the Laguna.


Family Apartments are two interconnected hotel rooms with one or two private bathrooms.  One room has either two twin or one queen bed and the other room has two bunk-beds.  These rooms are on our 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th floors and are ideal for families or groups of 4 to 6 people.  Family Apartments are available with laguna or valley views.  Children and/or teens staying in Family Apartments pay listed child or teen rate.  If only children are staying in a Family Apartment, two must pay the adult rate.  Family Apartments with one bathroom require a minimum of 4 guests paying the full, listed rate and Family Apartments with two bathrooms require a minimum of 5 guests paying the full, listed rate.


Our Octagon Lodge is a great option for groups of 4 looking for a more economical option with a similar level of comfort and privacy to our main hotel.  Octagon rooms feature two comfortable bunk beds with a nice living space in the middle of the rooms.  The rooms also have balconies with views of the slopes.  The Octagon is located just steps away from the main hotel and its guests eat meals in the main dining room and enjoy all of the same access to the hotel’s facilities and activities as Hotel guests.


The Inca Lodge offers accommodations similar to that of a youth hostel and is a great option for younger travelers coming to Portillo as a group or alone.  Rooms are small and feature two bunk beds.  Bathrooms are communal and there is one for men and one for women.  Guests traveling alone who wish to room with other travelers will share a room with guests of the same gender.

Note: Guests of the Inca Lodge eat meals in the self-service cafeteria but otherwise enjoy all of the same access to the Hotel’s services, facilities and activities.

Hotel Portillo - Videos


Hotel Portillo - Maps

Hotel Portillo - Rates 2013
Prices include seven nights lodging, four meals per day, lift tickets, and access to our fitness and entertainment facilities.

Double Valley 1950 2890 3590
Double Lake 2150 3100 3950
Double Lake w/ Balcony 2300 3450 4250
Double Lake 6th. Floor 2300 3450 4250
Single Valley 2600 4000 5350
Single Lake 2850 4290 5850
Single Lake w/ Balcony 3100 4800 6400
Single Lake 6th. Floor 3100 4800 6400
Suite 2750 4800 5800
Single in a Suite 3850 6750 8500
Family Apartment (one bathroom) 1700 2250 2990
Family Apartment (two bathrooms) 1950 2650 3500
Children 4–11 years with an adult 990 1250 1490
Teens 12–17 years with an adult 1090 1490 1750
Children under 4 years old 0 0 0
Octagon Lodge 1300 1700 1900
Octagon Lodge 3 (3 occupants) 1450 1990 2300
Octagon Lodge 2 (2 occupants) 1750 2400 2900
Inca Lodge 890 960 1050
Inca Lodge 3 (3 occupants) 980 1060 1150
Inca Lodge 2 (2 occupants) 1090 1250 1390

All rates are per person and based on a Saturday-to-Saturday stay. All packages include: * Seven days unlimited access to ski lifts. * Seven nights lodging. * Four meals per day in the best ski resort in Chile (breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner). * Complimentary use of pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, gymnasium, aerobics and yoga classes, cinema, game room, children’s activities, disco, piano bar, ski check, boot check and timed race courses. * Day care for children ages 3 to 7 years inclusive is free of charge. Daycare for children ages 0 to 2 inclusive has an additional cost. Check-In and Check-Out*Arriving guests will receive their rooms by 2:00 pm. Check-out is before 11:00 am. If guests check out before 10:00 am, they will receive an 8th day of skiing FREE!

* Sept 07 – Sept 14
* Sep 14 – Sep 21
* Sep 15 – Sep 22
** Sep 28 – Oct 05
* Jun 22 – Jun 29
Jun 29 – Jul 06
Aug 3 – Aug 10
Aug 10 – Aug 17
Aug 17 – Aug 24
Aug 24 – Aug 31
* Aug 31 – Sep 7
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